A new website for the Careers Advice & Training Service (CATS) was launched by Racing Welfare on Monday to coincide with the start of National Careers Week.

The site offers a dedicated resource to facilitate professional development and aid progression within the British racing and breeding industry.

Racing Welfare will operate the platform, which has been funded by The Racing Foundation, as CATS is part of the organisations workforce wellbeing programme, which has an overarching agenda to enhance the wellbeing of people living and working in the industry.

CATS will provide support in professional development, returning to work, job seeking and changing career within the industry by providing access to professional development plans, as well as sourcing and funding training opportunities.

A number of online self-help advice such as writing a CV, constructing cover letters and managing an online profile will be available to users. The site also houses a live training directory which offers up to date information on training and courses in the industry.

“We are really excited about having the new website up and running”

Kay Boden, Racing Welfare’s Programme Manager, said: “CATS forms an integral part of our workforce wellbeing programme. Working in partnership with The Racing Foundation, it is a key part of our work to build a world-leading wellbeing provision for people employed within the British racing industry.

“It is important to note that CATS does not stand alone, but dovetails into our other programme projects such as Racing’s Occupational Health Service. This means that in addition to offering training advice and development opportunities to those currently working, we are also able to facilitate the same opportunities for people off work with injury or illness.

“We are really excited about having the new website up and running and the potential that it has to enhance the delivery of CATS. Our approach remains focused on providing proactive, positive services and CATS is exactly that, harbouring the resources to enhance the career of anyone working in racing and breeding.”

Rob Hezel, Chief Executive of The Racing Foundation, added: “At a time when we are struggling to recruit and retain staff, the wellbeing programme, which includes CATS, delivered by Racing Welfare is of critical importance.

“The Foundation are delighted to fund the programme and hope it not only benefits the individuals who engage with it but it is a catalyst for the industry to realise the importance of employee wellbeing and to unite to deliver the strategic change that is required to ensure we have the staff required to deliver our sport going forward.”