The Yorton Point-to-Point Sale will go ahead as intended on November 12 after Wales’s First Minister Mark Drakeford announced that the country is ending its ‘firebreak’ lockdown next Monday.

In a statement released on its website, organiser Goffs UK said: “Yorton Farm Stud is in Wales, near the town of Welshpool and just five minutes from the English border. Professor Mark Drakeford is the First Minister of Wales and this morning announced that it is still their intention to end the current Welsh lockdown on November 9. This will allow vendors to arrive on that day and give plenty of time to vet horses in advance of the sale.

“The new English restrictions do not apply to Wales and differ from those experienced earlier this year. They allow people to leave home for specific reasons including work which cannot be done from home. On that basis, there will be no barrier to buyers attending the Yorton Farm Sale on November 12.”