Warwick racecourse’s pilot event on Monday was given the green light to go ahead from local authorities after agreement was reached to reduce the capacity from 800 to 474 spectators.

The decision means tickets will not be available to the general public and the crowd will be made up of 150 annual members, 124 hospitality bookers and up to 200 owners, as well as participants and raceday staff.

Warwick had made provisions for 1,250 spectators before Doncaster’s three-day pilot was curtailed early before reducing the cap to 1,000 following the government’s recent changes to pilot events.

Andre Klein, Warwick’s General Manager, said: “We’re really looking forward to welcoming a number of annual members to the racecourse on Monday, as well as customers in our restaurant and hospitality areas.

“Over the last few months we’ve worked hard to develop a robust plan for the event that ensures those attending will have an experience meeting the most stringent of health and safety measures. I’d like to thank the range of local stakeholders we have held constructive discussions with to achieve this outcome.

“We have followed their requirements and made concessions to our original plan to significantly limit the number of people at the racecourse, but we will still gain very helpful insights from those who do attend and understand and appreciate the complexities facing those who were involved in making this decision.”

Emily van de Venter, Associate Director of Public Health at Warwickshire County Council, added: “I’m very grateful for all the work that has gone into ensuring the event runs in the safest possible way for all involved and look forward to hearing feedback following the event itself.”