Following the success of ThoroughBid’s inaugural sale earlier this month which was topped by Jolie Comtesse at £60,000, the online auction house has announced its second sale will take place on Sunday, October 24.

Entries for this auction will close on October 15 with the catalogue set to be published on October 18.

Will Kinsey, co-founder of ThoroughBid, said: “The feedback we’ve had from our first sale earlier this month has been better than we could have expected, which is why we’re ready to open the entries for our second sale now.

“If the first sale is anything to go by, expect more exciting lots and bids coming in from all over the world, such is the flexibility of an online auction house.

“Vendors were very happy with the results from the first sale, particularly given they were paid seven working days from hammer fall, such is our guarantee. We look forward to accepting lots over the coming weeks ready for the Sunday 24th October Sale.”