Edited press release

Education provision, equine welfare and environmental sustainability are among the key TBA strategic projects awarded financial support from the industry’s charitable grant issuing body, the Racing Foundation.

Over £360,000 will be issued to the TBA over a period of three years for activities that work towards improving the sector’s long-term viability, whilst also supporting the breeding industry’s people and the horses in their care.

The plans include funding for further development and delivery of new initiatives within the TBA’s Thoroughbred Breeding Industry Training and Qualification Pathway, which provides a formal structure to industry learning – ranging from essential skills at Level 1 through to advanced management training at Level 4.

Continued support at Level 1 for the successful Entry to Stud Employment (E2SE) programme in 2022 will ensure that the industry continues to attract new entrants and deliver accessible training.

The expansion of content on the TBA’s e-learning platform TB-Ed will also enable thoroughbred breeders, enthusiasts and students to improve their knowledge of topics relating to thoroughbred horse care and breeding at their own convenience.

Plans for the third Economic Impact Study will be able to proceed this year to provide further data on which to assess trends from the 2014 and 2018 research. The previous studies, instrumental in the formulation of the TBA’s evidence-based strategies to combat industry challenges, resulted in the successful creation and delivery of NHMOPS and subsequent GBB scheme.

TBA Chief Executive Claire Sheppard said: “Equine health and welfare is at the heart of our work at the TBA. By prioritising education and training we can ensure that all our industry participants can continue to deliver the highest standards of equine care.

“Funds from the Racing Foundation will support these key areas, whilst progressing the TBA’s equine welfare strategy which includes improved data collection and analysis, education, traceability and aftercare.

“All of this wouldn’t be possible in the long term without a sustainable environment in which to raise thoroughbreds, hence our commitment to encourage environmental best practice within the industry. The Racing Foundation funded our first award-winning sustainability project last year and we are delighted to be partnering with them again as we develop this work.

“The third Economic Impact Study will also enable us to assess the current state of the industry, whilst identifying possible future challenges and opportunities for the sector.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of the Racing Foundation in helping us deliver these projects to achieve our five-year goals to improve the operating environment for all participants in the industry.”

Racing Foundation Chief Executive Rob Hezel added: “The world is changing rapidly and horseracing and thoroughbred breeding do not operate in a vacuum. It is therefore encouraging to see the TBA developing their strategy in response to issues such as the environment and labour market shifts.

“The Racing Foundation funding will enable the TBA to develop their work in education, equine welfare and environmental sustainability, all key pillars of their forward-thinking strategy that focuses on supporting a sustainable thoroughbred breeding industry.”