Tattersalls has announced further changes to its upcoming sales schedule in light of the coronavirus pandemic, with the combined Craven and Ascot Breeze-Up Sale now set to take place in Newmarket on June 23.

Contingency plans for the format of this combined sale have also been developed and in the event that restrictions prevent breezing taking place normally prior to the auction, arrangements will see the breezes take place in advance on June 8.

As the majority of the horses catalogued are based in Ireland, they will breeze under full sale conditions at an Irish racecourse. This will be confirmed once Horse Racing Ireland has given its approval.

UK-based two-year-olds will breeze on the Newmarket watered gallop adjacent to the Rowley Mile racecourse.

The two-week period between the breezes and sale will allow information and data to be accessed by buyers throughout the world. Depending on regulations, buyers will have additional opportunities to view the juveniles at their home locations prior to the sale.

Tattersalls’ intention is to conduct the combine sale in a traditional format but will also introduce online and telephone bidding platforms to allow buyer participation in as many different ways as possible.

Chairman Edmond Mahony said: “The continued lockdown and prolonged uncertainty surrounding the resumption of racing behind closed doors in either Britain or Ireland has necessitated not only a further revision of the date for the Tattersall Craven and Ascot Breeze-Up Sale, but also carefully thought out contingency plans which crucially will provide as much flexibility as possible for vendors and purchasers alike.

“The changes have been made on the assumption that in the intervening period there will have been at least a partial resumption of racing behind closed doors and that government social restrictions will also have been relaxed to some extent.

“While we would all prefer to stage the sale in its usual format, we must accept that events outside our control may dictate otherwise. The contingency arrangements for the Tattersalls Craven and Ascot Breeze-Up Sale will allow us, as well as our consignors and buyers, time to react to whatever challenges the prevailing the government guidelines may present, while still giving the certainty of the sale taking place on the stated date of June 23.

“These are exceptional times and we are taking exceptional measures. A pan-European approach is vital under the current circumstances and we have been in close consultation with our Irish and French counterparts to ensure that a workable breeze-up calendar can be implemented on behalf of all concerned.”

The Tattersalls Ireland Derby Sale, which will incorporate the May Store Sale, will begin its run on July 13 while the Tattersalls Ireland Goresbridge Breeze-Up Sale will take place on July 24, with the breezes taking place earlier that week.

Tattersalls Ireland Chief Executive Matt Mitchell added: “We are pleased to be able to confirm the new dates for the flagship Tattersalls Ireland Derby and May Sale and we are confident that the week beginning July 13 will work well for both vendors and purchasers alike.

“Staging the Tattersalls Ireland Goresbridge Breeze-Up Sale on July 24 with the breezes taking place earlier that week also looks to be a good option for all participants and we very much hope to bring a disrupted breeze-up season to a successful conclusion.”


Tattersalls Craven and Ascot Breeze Up Sale: Tuesday, June 23

Contingency Breeze: Week beginning Monday, June 8 in Ireland and at Newmarket’s Rowley Mile. Irish breeze location to be confirmed

Tattersalls Guineas Breeze Up Sale: Monday, July 6-7

Tattersalls July Sale: Wednesday, July 8-Friday 10

Tattersalls Ireland Derby and May Sale: Monday, July 13.

Tattersalls Ireland Goresbridge Breeze Up Sale: Friday, July 24

Breeze: Week beginning Monday, July 20

All dates will remain under constant review.